ORMIT Multi-company Programme

ORMIT Multi-company Programme

You know that you have a talent for leadership and you want to make a difference in a company that suits you. But before you take that step, you want to learn more about yourself. You want to find out where your particular qualities can best be applied. And that's why you opt for an ORMIT Multi-company Programme. This unique traineeship enables you to develop your talent, demonstrate your personal leadership, carry out interesting projects and find out which company suits you best.

Develop your talent
The ORMIT Multi-company Programme (MCP) is a unique traineeship. For two years you work intensively on your leadership skills and personal development. You undertake projects at leading companies in various branches and are challenged to realize your full potential. It's a way of gaining experience in different jobs and fields in just a short period of time.

The theory is the practice
During the traineeship, you get to immediately see the effects of your behaviour. And as you work on projects in different companies, you'll quickly ascertain what kind of environment best suits you.

Intensive training programme
In addition to the projects, the traineeship also includes an intensive training programme. You are assigned a Talent Development Manager who coaches you in the same way you yourself will in the future. And at regular intervision sessions, you get to share your experience with peers. This combination of experience and development means you quickly flourish as a professional.

The Multi-company Programme offers you:
•    Personal and professional development
•    Different projects in leading companies
•    The chance to work on your management skills in different settings
•    Your own professional coach for 26 months
•    An inspiring environment with talented peers
•    The chance to build a diverse network
•    The opportunity to join one of the companies after the two-year traineeship

Are you the talent we're looking for?
For our Multi-company Programme, we're looking for talented graduates with a Master's degree in a business-oriented field and less than 3 years work experience. You should also be adequately fluent in French, Dutch and English.

Ambitious and enthusiastic
You need to have shown your talent in both your degree and various additional activities. We're looking for enthusiastic talented people with the ambition to make a difference as managers and the willingness to invest in themselves. This demands personal leadership along with a combination of the ability to bring people together and to learn, a focus on both people and results, and personal drive and flexibility. These are the characteristics ORMIT is known for, and it's what we look for and promise the organisations we work with.