| Conférence | Rebooting the European Union... Operations manual

| Conférence | Rebooting the European Union... Operations manual

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A crucial debate mapping your future!

Guest of Honour at the ICHEC “Conference - Debate”,
Klaus WELLE European Parliament Secretary-General.



19h15 : Welcome/Introduction - Mr Christian OST Honorary Rector of the ICHEC.

19h25 : Conference (in English) - Mr Klaus WELLE European Parliament Secretary-General.

20h00 : Debate (in English) - Questions prepared and asked by the public
(comprised of students and business people) to the lecturer.

20h35 : Closing of the conference by Mr Christian OST Honorary Rector of the ICHEC
and Mrs Sabine GODTS Lecturer at the ICHEC.

20h45 : Cocktail & Networking in the presence of Mr Klaus WELLE, Mrs Sabine GODTS and Mr Christian OST (except students)


What’s the programme all about?

This conference is reflective of the activities of ICHEC ALUMNI, the European Perspectives, International Economics and Business cycles classes.

The objective is to inform participants about the key challenges that the EU has to face right now and to center the debate back to the “Ichec community” within an overall pedagogical approach. (Short review of key historical facts, current crisis situation, future proposals to reboot the EU i.e. reinforced Parliament role, etc…)



After having realized the Franco-German reconciliation and guaranteed peace and prosperity in Western Europe, over the past few decades, European Union has made major achievements in the spread of democracy, the end of totalitarism and the implementation of the monetary union and the Euro. Despite these achievements, triumph was short lived. The EU faces new and continuing challenges such as Ukrainian crisis, Middle East wars and instability, the aftershock of the financial and the debt crisis, the Brexit, the migration and refugees question, the contradictory effects of the globalization…

Mr WELLE will develop his viewpoint how to deal with this multiple crisis: what kind of solution with the underlying question: open or closed, together or alone and what does the EU bring as solution?


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Informations pratiques

novembre 9th, 2017 7:00 PM
ICHEC Montgomery
Bvd Brand Whitlock 4
Bruxelles, 1150

Participation aux frais

Étudiant de l'ICHEC non cotisant € 20,00
Membre cotisant Gratuit
Non cotisant et extérieur € 50,00
Invité ICHEC Alumni (sponsors) Gratuit
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