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    20 September 2021
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ORMIT - Belfius - Data Chief Program

● Find your dream job in the infinite data universe
● Take on exciting projects in the (big) Belfius data department
● Grow your people and leadership skills with plenty of training and coaching
● And up your data knowledge with a data bootcamp
● Learn from 100+ data experts in the field

Are you a data lover?
Well, so is Belfius. And they are looking for curious cats like you to join their 100+ data experts. To grow from data lover to data chief. To explore the data universe in various assignments. And land that job that really suits you. Where you will help turn billions of facts and numbers into insights, predictions and actions. For the better of the company, the customer and you.

A killer combo
Data and people skills. It’s the best way to grow from data lover to data chief. And that’s what makes this pro­gram unique. With plen­ty of train­ing, coach­ing and ad­vice from field experts, data consultants and personal skills coaches.

A data bootcamp
Data visualisation and analysis, machine learning, project management, communication, … Get ready to be amused and amazed in our bootcamp. Where you learn how to translate data into business reality. And how your people skills will help you on your career journey.

Kicks around the house
Data analytics, science, processing or visualisation. Business analyst, data analyst, project manager or data translator. The list of data domains and roles goes on and on. But after two-years of exploring, rotating and learning, you’ll know where you want to end up at Belfius. The future is yours, that’s for sure.

What you’ll do
New projects are launched every day. All of them use data to determine needs and design solutions. And every step in between. What you’ll do largely depends on your skills, interests and evolution during the program. Here’s a flavour of how you can spread your data magic:

● Analyse and visualise data for data-driven advice.
● Investigate business needs and translate it to data solutions.
● Review and improve data streams and processes.
● Use data to standardise reporting and create dashboards
● Improve customer insights, campaigns and experience.
● …

What we expect
● A passion for data is a big must. You don't have to be an expert just yet.
● 0-3 years of work experience.
● Master’s degree in mathematics, statistics, IT, engineering, economics, ...    
● You’re fluent in Dutch or French (native) and English

What you’ll get
● A data bootcamp to boost your data skills.
● A tight community of young wolves just like you.
● Tailored, in-depth hard and soft skills training on data and people skills.
● A dedicated senior data expert to support you during your assignments.
● A personal coach focusing on your personal development & people skills.

What you’ll love about Belfius
People at Belfius are all about data. They have a lot of it to analyze and translate into insights and actions. Building bridges between needs and solutions. Hence the various teams and countless job functions that start with “data”. You’ll be tempted to build a career at Belfius. Just look at the data.     

What you’ll love about ORMIT
You are in charge of your development. That’s how we like it. But all along your journey ORMIT is there to guide you. With your own personal talent development manager. With many many training sessions. And with a tight community of young data talents just like you. To work, have fun and share experiences with.

What you’ll love about our traineeship?
Keen to learn all about data, data and even more data? No worries, we’ll turn your interest into practical skills. But to be a real Data Chief, that’s not enough. You need people and leadership skills too. Our traineeship has got that covered as well. We’ll inspire and challenge you. We’ll make you grow and turn your promises into deliverables.

Contact :
Kimberly Vidts
Recruitment and Selection Officer