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 Corporate Banking Traineeship

Be the breath of fresh air the Corporate world needs.
The world is changing fast. Well, so is banking. Entrepreneurs and companies increasingly use new ways to connect with their bank. The way financial advice is provided to companies is changing at incredible speed all the while the quality needs to remain sky-high. Do you want to become a banker of tomorrow, who makes companies happy with fresh, high quality advice, products and services? Then you've come to the right place.

Try out different hats and see which one fits best.
Go on a journey through the different corners of Corporate Banking. A great way to get to know the variety of customers and departments of Corporate Banking while deepening your financial skills.
Corporate Banking focuses on large and medium-sized companies as well as on public, non-profit and financial institutions and helps them in their needs for financing, investment, advice and risk management.
Relationship Management, Trade Finance, Cash Management, Debt Markets, Factoring … Corporate Banking has plenty of options and during your 18 month traineeship, you’ll get the chance to discover what suits you best!

How will your traineeship look like?
We outlined the following path for you:
- Month 1: Start your onboarding in a  bank agency to understand the core of the bank.
- Month 2-4: Work in a Business Center and develop your commercial flair while serving companies with a revenue somewhere between 7,5 and 250 million euros.
- Month 5-7: Join the risk department and gain knowledge of financial technicalities.
• Month 8-13: Discover a specialized banking function such as
o Trade Finance
o Cash Management
o Factoring
o Debt Markets
o ….
- Month 14-18: Deep-dive into a role based on your best fit, before signing a contract with BNP Paribas Fortis.

What makes this traineeship so special?
This traineeship will allow you to rotate between different assignments. This will certainly boost your hard skills. You will get to know everything there is to know about the bank, the business world and the bank’s customers.
But that’s not all. Your personal development will be central in this traineeship. Trainings, workshops, coaching sessions, intervision with your peers, e-learnings, one-on-one talks,... all aimed at getting to know yourself and developing and growing as a leader. You will grow through feedback and reflection. You’ll gradually understand your real potential and will be able to build on that. You’ll spend many hours on nothing but yourself. And that’s unique.

You’re perfect because...
- You have a master’s degree.
- You have a degree or working experience in finance or business.
- The commercial force is strong in you. You are driven by customer satisfaction.
- You are keen on making a career in Corporate Banking
- You are just graduated or have 1-3 years of work experience.
- Next to Dutch or French (basic level of the other), you are fluent in English.

What’s next?
- Send your cv so we get an idea on your true potential.
- Complete some tests so we get some first insights.
- We meet up for a Selection day.
- Sign here please... enjoy the ride!

Looking for a career in Corporate Banking?
Then check in now. We’ll take you on an exciting journey where you will get to know the heart of the business landscape in Belgium. After the traineeship, you’ll know what you want and what energises you. With these insights in mind, we outline a path to your first dream job. The perfect start of a promising career within Corporate Banking.

Contact : Dominique Schroijen - Dominique.Schroijen@ormit.be