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    26 July 2021
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ORMIT & Bluecrux – Supply Chain & Operations Consultant

Are you a supply chain consultant to be?
Companies are getting more connected every day. At least, when their supply chain and operations are ready for it. That’s where Bluecrux steps in. A team of business experts who connect the dots between strategy, technology and people. By rethinking and digitizing operating models. To make companies more resilient to new technologies and changing conditions. And they are looking for front runners like you to join their team.

The traineeship in 3words
1. Talent Exploring
Take on a project at a Bluecrux customer like Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Roche, Bridgestone, AkzoNobel, Beiersdorf, Kingfisher and many more, … And grab the chance to discover the world of supply chain and operations while experiencing the different phases and roles of a project.
2. Instant Impact
Whatever your role or responsibility, and whatever the phase your project is in, your impact is guaranteed from day one. Thanks to the Bluecrux Bootcamp at the start. And with the help of the ORMIT and Bluecrux coaches throughout the program, obviously.
3. Personal Growth
Go on a journey to the real you with ORMIT as your guide and 20+ days of training and coaching. On team dynamics, influencing, change management, storytelling, self-insight and much more.

What you’ll do and where you’ll end up
Bluecrux wants to turn supply chains into value chains for each of their customers. By delivering premium advisory services, cloud software and twin technology. And by giving new digital talents a chance to create impact at one of their customers.  
During the 18-month program, you will take on various roles and tasks. That’s how you will get a good sense of what value chain consultancy is all about. From designing the solution right up until its implementation.  
- Prepare/lead workshops to gather requirements and understand the challenges of the customer
- Translate the requirements and challenges into processes  
- Host validation sessions with the customer
-  Coordinate the testing and implementation of the solution
- Follow up on every step in the process and adapt where needed  
You will of course regularly check in with your ORMIT and Bluecrux coaches for learnings and new responsibilities. And when the traineeship is over, you will be able to join Bluecrux as a consultant and do your thing for many more companies in many more industries.

What you’ll love about Bluecrux
Bluecrux is growing, fast. But that doesn't mean you won't enjoy their strong family feel and informality. In Mechelen, Aalst, Galway or New Jersey. You will get a lot of trust and responsibility, no matter how young you are. Of course, with the support of senior consultants and great costumers.

What you’ll love about ORMIT
You are in charge of your development. That's how we like it. But all along your journey ORMIT is there to guide you. With your own personal talent development manager. Who challenges you, encourages and supports you to develop your talents. Not to mention the many many training sessions.

- You have a master degree  
- With a first work experience in a project context (max 2 years)
- You are a sucker for supply chain
- You don’t mind traveling (even abroad)
- You are fluent in English (C1).

What's next?
- Send us your cv to showcase your potential.
- Complete some tests.
- Time for a real conversation. We welcome you for an interview.
- Next is the final assessment.
- Just a short contract review and… Off you go! Safe travels.

Contact :
Kimberly Vidts
Recruitment and Selection Officer