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    26 février 2021
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Job description

Give your young career a new boost!
Been promised impact and a great career but not yet feeling it in your current job? Time to change, then. Because a lot of top-notch companies are looking for talented go-getters like you. Who understand digital technologies. And use it to take businesses to new heights. Sounds like you? Then embark on a 26-month journey. Where you take on challenging assignments at multiple companies. Where you demonstrate your digital talents, develop your (personal) leadership skills and start building that great career after all.

•    Discovery
IT, finance or operations in consultancy, industry or banks? Discover which environment will help you develop and shine as a digital leader

•    Ownership and impact
Data management, business processes or customer experiences? In whatever you do, you will create impact and take companies to new heights.

•    Growth
Benefit from our close community of trainers, coaches and peers. With a unique and personal approach to help you grow your career as a leader.

The future is digital. And all yours.
It’s a crazy world out there. Crazy but exciting. No matter how fast it’s spinning, you see every challenge as a chance to make things happen. By embracing data, digital and technology. That’s the spirit we are looking for in people. Future leaders who have the guts to step out of their comfort zone. Who want to learn, inspire and change

Your journey in brief
Project manager, team lead operations, business analyst and tender coordinator. At big companies like Vinçotte, D’Ieteren, BNP Paribas, Brussels Airport and MIVB. All in the course of 26 months. That’s just one example of what your journey could look like. And all along your journey, your personal coach, trainers and fellow-ORMIT'ers are there to guide and support you.

What happens after those 26 months?
That’s entirely up to you! But one thing’s for sure, you’ll have the skills, professional references and the reputation of the ORMIT brand to make it anywhere.


How you make the cut?
Business affinity, digital savvy and relevant work experience? Sounds like a perfect match. In bullets, it looks like this:
- A master in economics, business management or engineering? Now we’re talking!
- Another master with an additional degree in management? That could work too.
- One year work experience in data, digital or technology? Great, you’ll need it!
- Fluent in Dutch/French (native), English (C1) and French/Dutch (B2)? Check!
And it kind of goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway ... You love to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, leave your mark and grow.

Sounds like you?
- Send us your awesomest CV.
- Complete some eye-opening tests.
- Charm us during a phone screening.
- Make us smile in an interview.
- Blow us away in your final assessment.
•    Get started after a short contract review.

Contact :
Kimberly Vidts
Recruitment and Selection Officer