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International Talent Program 2021 - Track Finance

The world of banking is changing faster than ever, enjoy the best international experience in our Finance traineeship
During our four year program you create your own career within Finance. You learn more about your chosen discipline and the financial services sector. Our International Talent program also allows you to discover yourself through a wide selection of trainings tailored to your needs.
Make an impact as a trainee          
At ING we are always broadening our horizons. Our people have a forward-thinking mentality, a strong can-do spirit and enjoy working in an agile environment. Do you want to have an impact on not only the financial lives of close to 8 million customers but also on the bank of the future? Why wait, discover how today.
The financial world faces many challenges right now and so there’s plenty for you to get your teeth into as a Finance trainee. For example, you could be involved in simplifying complex models, analyzing the past and forecasting the future situation for ING. Or you could provide advice relating to ING’s strategic position on the mortgage market. Over a three-year period you’re transformed into a strategic business partner so that you can advise ING’s senior management on important financial matters. But you’re given a serious amount of responsibility right from day one.
Your first rotation
During your first project, which could be in Financial Accounting for example, you lay the first cornerstone for your future career. Your second project could be in the area of Management Accounting, in which case it’s your job to analyse the opportunities and costs of a product. After your first 18 months, having gained a wealth of experience, you set to work in a more permanent position where you’ll further enhance your knowledge. Your personal preferences and interests form an important starting point for the roles you fulfill. And we should also point out that an adventure abroad is one of the options open to you, which is not only great fun but is also good for your personal and professional development.
Your benefits
Needless to say we offer you a good base salary for this traineeship (starters position), a 13th month, paid annual leave, an impressive training package and a permanent contract. But above all we offer you the chance to shape your own ideas about banking in a receptive environment and hence to make banking even simpler and more transparent for our customers. Together with other (international) trainees you’ll participate in global events, which will enable you to quickly build up a large network.
As a trainee you receive guidance from your line manager and your Early career talent manager  (trainee manager). If you are looking for additional guidance you can ask a Senior Manager to mentor you. They will coach you, inspire you, introduce you to their network and share their knowledge and insights with you.
Our Finance trainee
- Has a master degree from a university, preferably in Accountancy & Control, (Business) Economics, Finance, Business Administration or Management Studies.
- Is interested in the financial services sector, has an innovative take on banking and an unconditional drive to turn their ideas into reality.
- Has gained (international) experience through various extracurricular activities.
- Is enthusiastic and considers the interests of our customers and colleagues alike.

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