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Young Graduate Traineeship



Ready to dive but not yet sure into what? Then this traineeship is your preferred swimming pool. 26 Months of switching lanes between companies, assignments and roles. Where we train and coach you to develop your talents and create impact at the same time. Together we figure out what your future may look like. And somewhere along the line, you fall in love. With your dream job!

What’s in it for you? Spoiler alert: a lot

  • Discover your thing
  • Discover what you want and don’t want. And get paid for it while you’re at it. In operations, finance, supply chain, communication, IT, ... Curious by nature? Then you’re in for a treat.
  • Taste life at top companies
  • Go nuts at big companies like Vinçotte, D’Ieteren, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, STIB-MIVB and many, many more. In only 26 months. Whoosh!
  • Create impact
  • Data analysis, project management, business support, ... Whatever you do and where you do it, you’ll have an impact from day one.
  • Grow as a future leader
  • Every day on the job. And with more than 20 days of training and a personal coach. With a lot of attention for people skills, tech, data and digital.
  • Build connections

All those teams and companies, no wonder you’re left with a tremendous network. Not to mention your fellow special ones (and BFF’s).

  • Land in your dream job
  • Is there life after a traineeship? Absolutely! All of our trainees land in strategic roles at beautiful companies.
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Be part of a tight group of special ones. Instantly. Who you bond with for years to come. Thanks to our many events, workshops or during running.

How special are you? Do the test.

  • You have a master’s degree
  • Any master, actually. With maximum 3 years work experience.
  • You say yes, oui and ja, fluently
  • Because you are native Dutch or French speaking. And English (level C1) has no secrets either.
  • You are curious (relentlessly)
  • You want to know everything about as many things as possible. And if you don’t know it, you want to learn it. Comfort zones are a joke to you.
  • You want to move forward
  • CEO, president, astronaut? Possible but not necessary. You want to leave your mark and take big steps, together with us.

Your traineeship in numbers

Curious about your traineeship? It sort of goes like this ... These special ones came before you:

Max, Project Management in non-profit
What project covers more technology than an IT project? Max kept an overview of all ongoing projects. His biggest added value? Challenging the status quo which helped to optimise the team’s agile-scrum way of working.  

Camille, Project Manager in pharma
Camille got to work with a lot of people on three projects at the same time. From governance to process optimization and data analytics. Challenging? Definitely, but daring to question the current work methods made her grow!  

Siebren, Commercial Operations Coordinator in aeronautical transport  
Siebren was responsible for the financial and performance management of the bars and restaurants at the airport. His moment of glory? Finishing second in the Brussels Airport Innovation Challenge.

Mathias Daeseleire, Young Graduate alumni
When I completed my university studies in Applied Economics, I opted resolutely for the Ormit Talent programme. Why? First and foremost, the diversity and learning opportunities that the Multi Company Trajectory offered me. I was able to work in four top-notch companies, learn various soft and hard skills and discover a broad spectrum of values and business principles. In addition, learning and feedback were key at Ormit Talent. It helps you grow into the best version of yourself, but sometimes you also encounter yourself.

Your road to specialness

  • Send us your most awesomeCV.
  • Complete some eye-opening tests.
  • Charm us during a phone screening.
  • Make us smile in an interview.
  • Blow us away in your final assessment.
  • Get started after a short contract review.

Your growth path

It’s all about you ... So cliché but so true! Because as a talent and trainee you can’t escape our development program. Where we set goals together and achieve them through training and coaching.

Ask us!

We bet you still have a lot of questions or could use our help. Tell us who you are and what ’ou're looking for. One of our recruiters will get in touch.